The Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards was created in 2015 to celebrate achievement within the spa and wellness industry. It began as a small program that highlighted hardworking spas and industry partners and has since become a well-respected, nationally recognized program that inspires spa and wellness excellence. We aim to foster a greater appreciation of the spa and wellness industry, awarding businesses nationally.

It’s been a privilege to serve as a judge for the Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards since its inception and observe the increasing number of entries each year. Canada’s spa and wellness industry can play an integral role in Canadians’ mental and physical well-being . The awards are an important way we can recognize the industry’s leaders who are demonstrating excellence and innovation.

Chris Ryall, 5 Time Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards Judge

This annual awards program provides opportunities for the spa and wellness industry to come together. We aim to inspire exceptional standards, connect spa consumers with the best of the best, and push for Canada to be seen as a wellness destination.

Each year, our list of candidates grows and our esteemed judges have the difficult task of deciding who will be chosen as Canada’s top spas and industry partners.

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Winning a Canadian Spa & Wellness Award is a prestigious accolade, bringing confidence and status to your brand.

  • Gain national recognition and credibility
  • Take stock of your achievements over the past year
  • Customer growth
  • National promotion
  • Staff recognition
  • Take part in celebrating excellence