Who runs these awards?
Spa Inc. magazine created these awards in 2015.


When do the nominations open?
The 2024 program will open in the fall.


How do you nominate?
Visit the nomination page (when the awards are open), and it will prompt you to fill out your information and the nominee’s information. Then you will start the questionnaire. Please keep in mind that you can nominate the spa for multiple categories. You will then be prompted to fill out the questionnaire for all of the categories you’ve selected.


Can I start and then come back to the same page to finish the nomination later on?
Yes. The program saves your nomination under your email address.


Why do we have to fill out all the information about the nominee?
Many nominees have multiple locations and similar names. The information is required to help us distinguish between them and to understand which specific one you are nominating.


Where do I get all the information about the nominee I want to nominate?
We recommend going to their website. It’s a great source for all the information you will need to complete the nomination form, like their name, phone number, web address, etc.


Can I nominate multiple nominees?
Yes. Please keep in mind you will have to use a different email when nominating for different spas.


What are the judges looking for?
Please visit HERE to see the judging criteria.


How can I make sure my nomination is most favourable?
Take time to answer each question and focus on the quality of the content rather than the number of words. Also, take a look at the awards criteria to make sure the nominee you’re nominating is qualified for that award. You can also use the criteria to categorize your answers, talking about each touchpoint.


Are individual awards based on the number of nominations?
No. The individual awards are based on the quality of the answers as well as how that nominee compares to the criteria. The only award based on numbers is the Consumer’s Choice Award.


Does this awards program have a fee?
No. It is free to submit a nomination.


Is there an event?
An event is being planned for Spring of 2024. Location is TBD.
This is subject to change.


Do you send emails with spa awards information?
Yes, you can subscribe to these HERE.


Will we receive a confirmation email after completing a nomination?
No. Due to anti-spam/CASL regulations, we’ve chosen not to send emails. Instead, when you’ve completed the form, you will see “Your application has been successfully submitted!” If you would like to confirm, please feel free to reach out to us at awards@spainc.ca


How will we know if we’ve won an award?
We will be emailing you to let you know that you’ve won. We will also announce the winners on social media, our website, Spa Inc. magazine, The Canadian Spa & Wellness Directory, and more. We will also be sending the winner’s certificates in the mail.


Can we see who has been nominated for the awards?
No. This is confidential information.


Who are the judges?
You can view the judges by clicking HERE.


Is there collateral we can use to tell our clients/followers to vote for us?
Yes, you can visit our Consumer’s Choice page (when the awards are open) where you will find promotional images that are optimal for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, an email banner, and your website. These are to be used for the Consumer’s Choice Award.


Is there someone we can contact if we have questions or need help?
Please feel free to email awards@spainc.ca.


Where can we find quick information about the awards?
Besides the website, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, at @SpaIncMag and the hashtag #CdnSpaAwards, to see updates and reminders on the awards.


What are some common mistakes to avoid?

  • Failure to complete the nomination form in its entirety
  • Failing to address the judging criteria in the application
  • Nominating a spa that does not qualify for the award
  • Assuming the judges know your spa, industry partners, or educators
  • Failure to read and interpret the awards criteria
  • Believing the submission can be sent after the deadline
  • Copy and pasting information from the spa’s website