Announcing the 2021 Canadian Spa & Wellness Award Winners


Spa Inc. magazine with the support of Leading Spas of Canada is delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards. The Canadian spa industry is comprised of hardworking, service-oriented business people and it is our great honour to celebrate their success.

The 2021 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards are a celebration of the top spas, industry partners, product lines and educators in Canada. Our expert panel of judges have evaluated and determined our winners, all of who represent the highest standards of Canada’s spa industry. See below for the full list.

Thank You to Our Judges

Voice of the Judges

“The Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards perform an invaluable service. They are the only vehicle of recognition in the Canadian Spa Industry that provides acknowledgement to the hardworking industry professionals in various sectors who do so much good for people and create so much peace in their clients’ lives.”
– Vivienne O’Keeffe



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